Wrapping your electric scooter is quick & easy

Step 1:
Clean Your Scooter 


The first step in applying your new Scooty Wrap is to clean your scooter. Take the time to properly clean all of the areas of your scooter that your new wrap will be applied to. Using alcohol and a rag wipe down these areas thoroughly, making sure they are free of dirt. A clean scooter will guarantee an easy and succesful install of your wrap.


Step 2:
Applying the wrap

Installing a Scooty Wrap was designed to be easy. T
hanks to Controltac vinyl, anyone can install like a pro. Controltac allows for easy sliding, tacking, snap-up and repositioning. Theres also air channels which allow for fast, easy, bubble-free installations every time. No tools or application fluid are needed, just a clean scooter, patience, and your hands! =]


Take your time to line up each piece carefully. Follow the application diagram to identify where each piece of the set goes. Don't worry about placing and repositioning the vinyl, it will not firmly stick to the surface of the scooter unless force is applied. Don't worry about the vinyl's adhesive, it will remain sticky even after several repositions. Pick up and re stick each piece until you are happy with the alignment, then apply more pressure to make it permanent. 


When you are satisfied with the placement of the vinyl piece. Slowly apply pressure to the piece working out any air bubbles that may have formed. Don't be alarmed by any air bubbles or creases appear in your wrap during instal. If air bubbles or creases form, simply & slowly pull your wrap back off and then re stick it back to your scooter and try again. Just be patient with your instal and it will turn our perfect!



Step 3:
Optional Finish 

A nice way to finish off your freshly applied wrap is to heat it up a little bit with a blow dryer if you have one available. The heat helps dry out any remaining moisture, and guarantees for a perfect look. Heat up each piece for a few seconds, making sure not to get any piece too hot.


Please reach out to us with any install questions!